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Sauer Orchards was established in 1963 when the original 90-acre farm was purchased by Rudy and Sharon Sauer. Since then, we have added over 250 acres that are now planted with Montmorency tart cherries and 13 varieties of apples. Rudy and Sharon's sons Randy and Greg have farmed with them for over 30 years and currently operate the farm, working with their wives Janet and Susie, and Randy's daughter Nicole.


Randy & Greg Sauer



Second-generation farmers, brothers Randy and Greg Sauer are two of four children that grew up at Sauer Orchards. They have both been farming basically their whole lives, and have enjoyed it.

Janet Sauer

Janet married into the family business as the wife of Randy, and has been working on the farm with the family for 36 years. Janet is the food safety coordinator and handles customer orders.

Nicole Stafford


Nicole is Randy's youngest daughter, and rejoined the family farm in 2014. She helps with most aspects of the farm, and is the resident IT person.

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