We have 13 varieties of apples at Sauer Orchards, with harvest starting in mid-to-late August and continuing through the end of October. We will not be offering u-pick this year, but we will pack custom orders. If you'd like to place an order, please call or order online here.



Redfree are one of our first varieties and are ready in mid-to-late August. They are a bi-colored apple of green and red, and are a sweet early variety.

Paula Red

Paula Reds, like Redfree, are one of our first varieties and are ready in the middle of August. Also like Redfree, they're a bi-colored apple of red and green, but Paula Reds are a more tart apple than the Redfree with a fresh crisp taste.



Galas are the nation's most popular apple and are harvested in early September through the end of the month. They are an excellent variety for eating, cooking and baking, and they maintain their texture and flavor when being stored for a long time. 


Honeycrisp are a superb apple variety. They are a crisp, sweet, juicy apple. Honeycrisp qualities make them great for all uses, such as baking, cooking and juices. They are ripe in the middle of September.


McIntosh are a wonderful and tasty variety. Their tartness  and juiciness add flavor to pies and sauces and are fun to eat. McIntosh are harvested in early September. 


RubyMacs are beautiful, deep ruby red apples. They are sweeter than a traditional McIntosh, but still add flavor to sauces and pies. Their crisp texture make them a great eating apple. They ripen in early to mid September. 


Fuji are one of our newer varieties and ripen in mid-to-late September. They make an excellent pie, and have a fresh, sweet flavor and are great keepers. 

Red Delicious

Red Delicious is classic, tried-and-true apple. They are crisp and sweet apple, with the good track record for pies, applesauce and salads. Red Delicous are harvested late September - early October. They store well over winter. 

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious like its name are a lovely golden color and are delicious. They are good for eating, baking, cooking and they keep well over winter. They are harvested in mid-to-late September. 


Empire is a very special variety. They are delicious to eat, are great for desserts and tartness to your applesauce and juices. Empire are harvested in late September. 


Jonagold are a favorite among our customers. They are a good all-around apple for eating, baking, cooking, juices, and they store well. Jonagold's ripen in late September. 

Granny Smith

Granny Smiths are a striking delicious green apple. They are tart and crisp to eat but add a bonus flavor to desserts, salads and snacks. Granny Smith apples are excellent for over winter storage and sweeten over time. 

Golden Supreme

Golden Supremes are ready near the end of August to early September. As the name states, they are a beautiful golden yellow color. Golden Supreme are a crisp, sweet, juicy apple, good for eating and applesauce.