Apples will be ready after Labor Day. Due to the many frosts and freezes in April, our 2021 crop is significantly smaller than normal. While we will have a harvest from nearly all our varieties, there will be very limited availability in some varieties and we will not use our usual online ordering system. If you'd like to place an order, please call us or contact us to see what varieties are currently available. Pre-orders are welcome.

Apple Quality

#1: Best quality, well formed and free from decay and injury. 3-lb and 5-lb bags are available only as #1 apples.

Utilities: May have some bruising and defects, but well formed and free from decay and severe injury

Apple Size

Medium: minimum diameter 2 1/2"; good size for either snacking or baking. 3 lb and 5 lb bags are only available as medium size.

Large: minimum diameter 2 3/4"; perfect for slicing and sharing, or peeling and slicing for pies (the larger the apple, the fewer to peel!)