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We are no longer taking orders for the 2023 apple season. Thank you for a wonderful season and we hope to see you next year!

Sauer Orchards
2023 Apple Pricing

#1 Apples

#1 Apples are best quality, well formed, and free from decay and injury.

  • $25/bushel

  • $15/half bushel

  • $3.75/5lb bag

  • $2.25/3lb bag

Sold Out


  • $50/bushel #1

  • $30/half bushel #1

  • $7.50/5lb bag

  • $4.50/3lb bag

  • $30/bushel utilities

  • $20/half bushel utilities

Sold Out



Utility apples may have some minor bruising and defects, but are well formed and free from decay and severe injury

  • $15/bushel

  • $8/half bushel

*5lb and 3lb bags are not available for utilities

Sold Out

*We reserve the right to modify prices during the season based on market conditions

What's Available?

Currently Available:

  • We are sold out for 2023

Visit our Apples page to see our full list of varieties!

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